biografiaHoracio Llorens was born on October 1, 1982 in Madrid. Very soon he moved to Mallorca where he learned to love nature with his father with whom climbed several of the highest peaks of the island. With only 12 years was lucky to fulfill his dream of flying, with his uncle Felix Rodriguez in tandem, flying to over 1000m in the famous flying site known as El Helm, Jaén.

At 14 he moved to Albacete, and there could begin the introductory course in the school of his uncle, Felix.
With 17 years already beginning to emerge, so I started with distance competitions, several national leagues and some competition in Portugal were your beginnings, being able to compete even in a PWC (World Cup competition) in 2000.

But it was in 2001 when, after having been training all winter in South America with his famous cousins ​​Raul and Felix Rodriguez, began timidly in the world circuit of acrobatics. Although slow to gain a foothold in this mode, and in 2002 remained in 2nd place at the Red Bull Vertigo (The most important competition of the time), in the form synchronized next to it would be his partner for several years, the Argentine Hernán Pitocco.

Since then he has continued to accumulate successes, climbing the podium several times until crowned world champion in 2008, both in the individual and in sync. In 2009 and 2010 has been repeated as world champion.

In 2009, he managed to beat the world record of Infinity Tumbling (the most extreme maneuver of the sport), with 281 consecutive laps, jumping from a helicopter from 5300m in front of the highest peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal.

The main concern now is to focus towards Horacio pure adventure, and get to discover the most beautiful places on the planet up in his glider.