15 Jan

Horacio Llorens has decided to follow his path to Gradient

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Here I am, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sailing on a 57 feet Catamaran. Thomas de Dorlodot and I are already on our crossing to the Marquesas Islands after some amazing flights in Tahiti and the Atolls of Tuamutus. The best feeling for the moment is been flying with Tom over the Atolls crossing with strong winds with the catamaran following us on the water. But flying over the old and wild valleys of Tahiti was a lot of fun too. It was a great kick of adrenaline to know that there are no landing options in the jungle below us, maybe we could find some dinosaurs down there? The feeling to be flying over Jurassic Park was pretty epic.

We are arriving to Marquesas Islands; there are surely a lot of flying possibilities for XC and aerobatics. There are even a very remote islands were we are dreaming to fly… But first we have to find the take off! ; )”

23 Nov

Horacio Llorens has decided to follow his path to Gradient

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After 4 great years flying with RR Acro wings, Horacio Llorens has decided to follow his path to Gradient with whome he has been flying XC. He says “For me, these have been really special years: working together with my cousin and Maestro Raul Rodriguez. I wish the best of luck for RR Acro Wings in the future.”

10 Nov

World cup

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Horacio Llorens was crowned as the winner of the world cup for the fifth
time. He said “It’s been a difficult season with lots of good pilots
pushing hard, I am really happy with this result.”
He also finished in second place, along with his cousin Felix Rodriguez, in
the Syncro World Cup.

19 Jul

Horacio Llorens won in the World Cup of Italy

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After starting fifth in the first task, Horacio Llorens was fighting step by step, to be crowned winner of the first World Cup of the year, a result that allows him to dream with the title of World Champion again, but there is still a long way to go. In the synchronized category , Horacio took the second place together with his partner Felix Rodriguez.

23 May

La temporada 2012 comienza para Horacio Llorens

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Ya llegan las primeras competiciones, shows y eventos del año yHoracio se encuentra entrenando en Organya, pirineos, preparándose para todos estas citas:

“ Organya me ofrece todas las condiciones de vuelo que necesito para ponerme en forma y ganar confianza para las competiciones y shows. No hay nada como estar en casa, jajaja.”

23 Apr

Across Africa from north to south

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Horacio Llorens, near the Belgian Thomas de Dorlodot and a production team of five others have crossed Africa from north to south on a journey of more than four months, paragliding on more than 10 different countries. “The challenge was to start in Alexandria and reach Cape Town, the route, the more likely that flight offered. I think there has never been anything like this in our sport, we are very happy with the result, “says Horacio Llorens.

If you want to know how was the adventure, follow them at:

02 Sep

Viellenueve Horacio Llorens wins with his new Radix II

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Viellenueve Horacio Llorens wins with his new Radix II. He himself says: “The competition was great, very good weather, many viewers and tension in every battle, all had a great time and look forward to more of this style competitions in the future.” Second place was for the young Eliot Nochez of France, and the third for Pal Takats.

31 May

Self flying in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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Where I meet two other Red Bull athletes, Thomas Dorlodot of Belgium and Hernan Pitocco of Argentina to beat the world altitude record in paragliding, which is 7750m. We intend to reach 8000m. So far we have climbed to 6000m, but we are prepared to break the record as soon as conditions allow us. Also we want to fly aerobatics in the most beautiful of all of this area is being filmed by a production team with the intention to make a documentary for the end of 2011.
Krystle Wright is the photographer of the expedition. We’ll be here until the end of June.

More news of the expedition soon;)

31 Mar

Horacio Llorens and Thomas De Dorlodot fly over the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala

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Horacio Llorens with Thomas de Dorlodot paramotor flying were the impressive Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala, with its RR Radix 18. “The biggest challenge was to cross nearly 30 Km of forest without any possible landing to reach the resort Maya, which comes literally from the Guatemalan jungle, we were concerned about some engine failed, but it was not and once there we could enjoy the amazing aerial views that we offered the place.It was an unforgettable experience! “

31 Mar

Horacio Llorens 2010 World Champion in singles and synchronized

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El año 2010 no podía haber sido mejor en cuanto a los resultados en competición:

Horacio Llorens, es el ganador de la Copa del Mundo de parapente acrobático en Solo.

La clasificación de Sincro se la ha llevado el equipo Sat Attack, formado por Raul y Horacio. Ambos pilotos vuelan la Radix de RR en todas las competiciones.

Los resultados se encuentran en la pagina de la FAI